Thursday, June 24, 2010

Capturing Summer Thursday

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cascade Springs

We drove up in the mountains on twisty, curvy roads thursday. We got out at Cascade Springs and could smell nature mixed with a little bit of burning brakes from the drive. This place is beautiful.

We had a miniture photoshoot while we were there. I love these kids!

Pool, Temple, Desert

Tuesday we went to the pool and played with the kids. I still can't get over the mountains! so beautiful

Afterwards we went to the Timpanogos temple and Andrew and I did baptisms for the dead while Bryce drove Autumn up the canyon in his convertable.

That night because Autumn was dying to see the desert. We drove and drove and stopped at a gas station to get a lighter and to dig through the trash to find something to burn.
When we got out there we didn't have anything to sit on so we took the chairs out of the van and watched the fire burn. Great Day!

A Utah Originial..

Monday we went to lunch at the Training Table famous for their cheese fries and fry sauce.

We stopped at this cute little cupcake shop

went to Sam's ballgame

and that night we made s'mores outside with some neighbors

Sunday afternoon walk

Airplane, Temple Square, Babystitting

Friday, June 10th

I got on an airplane for the first time ever. Final destination: Salt Lake City, Utah with a connecting flight in Memphis.

Our first flight was 45 minutes late so when we got to the Memphis airport we had to RUN to our gate and almost missed the flight!

Saturday morning was my cousin Jessica's baptism. Jessica, Tyler, and Samantha sang a primary song together.

After a brunch at the house with all the family Autumn and I had a date!
My friends, Andrew and Bryce picked us up to show us Temple Square. After tours of everything we walked in the rain to the car and got dinner at Cafe Rio and In and Out Burger. Then we went to the guys apartment to watch movies.

Sunday after church Kevin and Carli took Danny to the airport and Autumn and i babysat. I played "man-eating plant" with the girls while Tyler made videos of his feet on Autumn's phone.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Capturing Summer Thursday


Autumn convinced me to link up with her and put my own picture that represents every thursday of my summer, here's the first one. Take your own summer picture and join us :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I opened the mailbox...

..and found a letter addressed to me from my brother Cody! Everybody was telling me to OPEN IT! so I did and started reading, but after the first sentence I started crying and couldn't finish it. Right after Cody said "you were seriously one of my best friends in high school, I don't know where I'd be without you." I couldn't read anymore and Dad finished it. At the bottom he drew a pretty sweet picture, typical Cody has to draw on everything lol. On the back he wrote his testimony and I'm gonna share it with yall.

"Kaylee, I tell you I know that there is
a God. He loves us and wants us to learn. I bare testimony
that Joseph
Smith is a prophet and the Book of
Mormon is true. We have God's actual
authority still on the
Earth. How cool is that?! Read from the scriptures
every day and encourage Shayna and Dallin to as well. Pray always. Ask God
if the Book of
Mormon is true. I promise if you will keep on doing that God
will manifest the truth to you over and over. I say
that in the name of
Jesus Christ, our
Savior, amen."

The Picture Cody drew at the bottom of my letter! The hills of Wales.. look for Cody, Elder Brown, golden investigator, a castle, sheepZILLA, and Waldo lol

Cody and his current companion, Elder Brown

A castle in Wales

Cody's flat! I'm not sure which one is actually his