Friday, November 21, 2008


hey, sorry i haven't "blogged" in a very very long time, i've been really busy. well here's some pictures from halloween. Shayna and I dressed up, cody didn't because i guess he's WAY too old for Halloween. I was a mime, Shayna was a mummy for the church party and a clown for our Aunts party, Dallin was a nerd and then a Cyclops *sp i didn't get any pictures of him tho.
i'm a mime! lol
Shayna the clown, i did her makeup

this was for the church party, my makeup wasn't really working with me.. i used a different kind.

Cody's 19th birthday! whoop! his birthday was October 6th. mom made his cake and it was 4 separate cakes that spelled cody, very cool mom :)

ya he's 19! lol