Saturday, July 31, 2010

...only with the MISSES!

From 8th grade on I think when Morgan and I would have a sleepover we would put crazy makeup on and take crazy pictures! I don't think I'm ever gonna get too old to do this with my Misses!
Enjoy our craziness over the years with these pictures!

I'm in the works of making a list of all the things I wanna do before I leave Arkansas and all my friends for BYU-Idaho. One thing on that list is to do crazy makeup pictures one more time with Morgan. But it's not like it's gonna be the last time EVER, I will be coming home, PROMISE!
~pEACe and bLESSINGs~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

This Picture & Those Promises..

I sit on my bed and across the room on the wall is this picture...

it's of me and you.

i was taking a picture of us on prom night when you gave me a surprise kiss on the cheek.
i love this picture.
i have the biggest smile on my face.

that was a GREAT night.

still sitting on my bed and i look to my left on the wall are lyrics to all the songs you wrote me.
they're full of lines like..

"never wanna let you go"
"we can run away"
" you are my angel"
"how you make me feel"
"remember that day"
"you're everything"
"you're amazing to me"
"stay with me"
"this seems so impossible"
"you're all i want"
"you're all i need"
"you are my world"
"i love you baby"

ya ya corny i know.. but i love that kind of stuff..

because you were scared. you broke my heart.
because you played the "what if" game. nothing is the same.

my walls used to be covered in pictures of you, us, and anything that reminded me of us.
i took it all down.

except that surprise kiss and those words and promises.
i can't make myself forget you.
you were the one... are the one?

at your farewell talk at church before you left i swear you were glowing.
maybe they just changed out the lightbulbs.. but you looked amazing
filled with the spirit, i knew you were gonna be the BEST missionary.

now you're across the pond in another country..
and that picture is all i can see.

i miss you.
i don't wanna play "what if" anymore.
i want you to make me smile like you did in that picture on the wall again.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

but.. but.. i CALLED it!

The rules of calling "shotgun"

The Theory

The term "Shotgun" refers to the front passenger seat of an automobile. "Calling Shotgun" is the act of claiming the position of Shotgun for one's self. As this position is the most coveted of all positions when riding in a car, the following list of rules has been created to ensure that Shotgun can be acquired in a fair and equitable manner by any passenger of an automobile.

The History The history of calling "Shotgun" goes back to the days of covered wagons and the Wild West. On a trip across the plains, the driver of a wagon would hold the reins of his horse team and concentrate on driving. This left him and the occupants of his wagon susceptible to sneak attacks from bandits and thieves. To avoid this atrocious circumstance it became necessary for one person to sit next to the driver with a shotgun and fend off the enemy.
Defending against bandits is no longer the priority of Shotgun however, but it has evolved into a pre-driving ritual that is experienced before almost every car ride across America and even the world. Because of the obvious evolution that has already occurred with Shotgun, we ask you to consider Shotgun as a living entity and be aware that it is always changing for the better good of society.

The Rules

The following rules have been created through many years of exploring the ritual of Shotgun and are designed with the idea of fairness to all as the main priority. They are also the most complete and comprehensive listing of Shotgun rules available today.

...You Must Say The Word "Shotgun" You must say the word "Shotgun" to stake your claim on Shotgun. This must be done clearly and loud enough so that at least one other to-be occupant of the vehicle can hear you. No variations of this word are acceptable. After you have rightfully called Shotgun, you have exclusive rights to Shotgun for that ride. However, if no one hears you call Shotgun it is still fair game for everyone.

...There is no crime greater than calling Shotgun on Monday in reference to the ride to the concert on Friday. Some people choose to play this way, and they are fools.

...You Must Be Outside To Call Shotgun The best way to establish exactly when the deed is done is to define this moment as the instance that you have left the building in which the deed took place. All passengers need not to have exited, but someone must hear you call Shotgun.
Some people choose to use a variation of this rule and require that all occupants be out of the building before Shotgun can be called. This does not work. It leads to everyone calling Shotgun at the same time and often ends in physical violence.

...The Barefoot Rule Since you must be outside to call Shotgun, some people will just grab their shoes, jump outside, and call Shotgun before putting their shoes on. This has been deemed "gaping", and is not a legal procedure. You must have your shoes on, if you choose to wear any, before you may call Shotgun.

...The Re-entry Rule If you call Shotgun and then go back inside for some reason, you must re-call Shotgun after leaving. After you have re-entered the building, Shotgun is once again fair game to all.

...When The Deed Is Outdoors If the deed takes place outdoors, which it often does, the completion of the deed must be agreed upon when Shotgun is called. Any major disputes over the completion of the deed, as with any discrepancy, can be easily settled with a quick round of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

...The Line-Of-Sight Rule In the situation of the deed being a hike or other extensive outdoor activity, you may not call Shotgun until the automobile is within your sight. This rule needs only to be used when the passengers are outside for a long time and have traveled long distances from the car, as with a day of snow skiing.


Hand On Door Shotgun can no longer be called once someone's hand is holding the shotgun door handle. This officially stakes their claim to Shotgun and calling it at this time is just redundant. This is one scenario where a person does not actually have to say Shotgun to get the seat. This rule's importance is that no one has to be around for you to stake your claim to Shotgun, whereas usually one other would-be occupant must be present for you to call it.

...Sit Down If you manage to sit in Shotgun before anyone has called it, you keep the position even if someone else calls shotgun after you sat down. This is very similar to the Hand on Door rule, where you do not actually have to say Shotgun nor does anyone else have to be present for you to claim it.

...The Balk This rule is applied when you have called Shotgun and are waiting for the doors to be unlocked. If you lift the handle while the doors are being unlocked and therefore cause the Shotgun door to remain locked, then you are "voided" for that ride. At this time Shotgun is available for all of the other passengers to call.

...Other Seats Once the Shotgun seat has been called by someone, the other less prestigious seats in the car may be claimed using the same rules as calling Shotgun. For example: you can say "back-right" or "back-center". In addition, you may also negate calls such as "not back-center" which would put you in any seat except for the back-center.

...The Shotgun Gaper Gapers (gay-pers) are people who prioritize Shotgun much more than a normal human being. These people will alter their usual behavior and even undermine their own ethics in order to gain the rights to Shotgun. They do this through legal means such as sprinting for an exit, and therefore they cannot be voided. The term gaper was originally given to Will Henderson who once rode Shotgun for 2 months straight. The advantage to being a Shotgun Gaper, of course, is you always get Shotgun. Being a Shotgun Gaper, however, is frowned upon.
If you know any Gapers and disapprove of their gaping ways, visit our Gaper page. There you will find tips and tactics to help you beat the Gaper at their own game.


Although the Shotgun rules have been created with ultimate fairness in mind, there are situations where exceptions need to be implemented.

...Significant Others This is the most important exception. If a significant other (SO) is included in the group of automobile passengers and this person is the SO or potential SO of the driver, then they get automatic Shotgun privileges.

...Owner-Driver Switch If someone is driving an automobile other than its owner and the owner becomes a passenger, then the owner automatically gets Shotgun. When applied, this rule shows respect to the owner of the car.

...The Long Haul The rules listed above have been designed around the shorter trip (less than 1 hour). For longer journeys it is best not to use these rules because the incentives to be a gaper are too great. Rather, you should divide Shotgun equally among those who want it.

i found all the fabulous "shotgun" rules on

calling shotgun in my family is a BIG deal! lol and we have mastered the art of doing so. Thought i would share the rules with everybody else. :)


***this was all done jokingly, most of the time i could care less about getting to sit in the front***

Friday, July 9, 2010

You can call me CANKLE...

Tuesday i went to the lake with my awesome friend Hillary! I had so much fun!

Woo! Tubing! Emilee and Haley were a lot better at it than me and Hill lol i got like 1000 bruses

Oh and i got stung by a lovely wasp while getting off the boat. and now 3 days later my ankle is still swollen and is turning purple... You can call me "cankle" lol