Monday, June 30, 2008

Girls Camp 2008 ~ YCL

This was our YCL skit.... we made up a song, it was probably the best skit, next to cabot's..... "rise and shine and run to the showers, showers!"

this was our prank/iniation to the 4th years, the air plane ride, very funny

the leaders started off the karoke with a song! lol

our hike, i felt like we were walking through the jungle! lol

nice hott showers! lol they were hot, but there was also no shower curtains, and lots of spiders and other bugs....

So girls camp this year was June 9-13.... it was so much fun, probably my most favorite year yet. This year i was my 6th year and my 2nd year as a YCL (youth camp leader). anyways the YCLs and a lot of leaders went up to Mnt. View on monday and we stayed the night, i'm pretty sure that that night was supposed to be us planning for our certification lessons and devos... but we swam in the creek and we found a rope swing... i never jumped off of it, but it looked very fun. i was WAY too sun burnt to swim that first day....and for dinner that night we went to pizza inn! lol it was soooooo much fun.....
oh also there was only 3 showers...... that wasn't very fun..

Then on tuesday all of the younger girls came up to the camp. That's when the real fun began lol. everyday the YCL's would have to go up and sing these same like 7 camp songs over and over again. and they can very easily get stuck in your head.... that was kinda annoying. but everyday we would swim, play night games like water balloon dodge ball, karoke, and relay races.... then right before bed we would have PJ's (prayers, journals, and scriptures) just little devos that the YCLs would teach to a small group of girls. Also we taught the younger girls (i got 2nd years..) certain camping and like servival skills so they could certify ... and so they could use all the stuff they learned on the last day of camp in the adventure race thingy.

um ya there were a few pranks going on during camp. Sister Baney and Ashley stole mine, chrissy's and cassy's cot out of our tent. we had no idea it was them that did it. i thought it was one of the YCl's that did, someone swore that they saw her do it. lol .... so i was about to start some drama to get my cot back from that girl.... but right before i did Katie Baney stopped me and told me it was her.... it was really funny....

anyways... on bishops night i think ... we tried people tipping omg that was sooo funny. if you've never heard of it, it's where you look at a star and spin around really fast and then somebody else shines a flashlight in your face when you get dizzy and then you automatically fall down! lol it's soooo funny.

p.s. there's a reason i didn't put many pictures of me on here... lol i didn't feel so pretty at girls camp......

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I got a blog! whoop!

Hey everybody,
actually i don't think that many people are going to be reading this. it's kinda weird like i'm talking to myself or something. anyways. so i was looking around and like everybody has a blog! so i got one, i didn't want to be left out.
so this is kinda a lame first post, but i'll do more.... i'll add some pictures next time i have like 10 million! lol half of them are self portraits... lol jk

well i'll catch you cats on the flipflop!