Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To my best friends in Arkansas!

Dear Morgan, Katie, Emma, & Autumn (mostly Autumn because of her blog post to me :)

A lot has changed since I left Arkansas for me. The weather has been AHmazing so far, but it feels too much like fall wayy too quick lol. Its gonna keep getting colder, but until then it's great here!

Rexburg is awesome and yes I am in Mormon heaven, no kidding! There are sooo many georgous guys here! Even tho i'm not "looking" for a new guy I can still LOOK! haha jk jk

For the 3ish weeks that I've been here the only time i've had potatoes was the day I got here at a breakfast buffet. Potatoes are too expensive to buy lol I'm living off of cereal, cup of soup, and sandwiches for the most part.

I'm very excited to be Pen Pals with all of yall! so write me! Here's my address

129 Viking Dr.
apt 301
Rexburg, ID 83440

I love all my roommates! They are awesome! It's pretty fun to try to introduce us all to new people. Hailey, Kaylee, Courtney, Kylie, Kendra, & Chantelle. It's takes everybody a couple days to get it straight lol

and actually i'm sitting around with the Bible in my lap due to the huge amount of reading I have to do for my New Testament class.

I'm definately getting my workout on walking up and down the hill from class to my apartment and back like 3 or 4 times a day! I have yet to go to the gym here tho lol even tho I bought the "byui approved clothes" for the gym!

My skin is already suffering from the dryness out here, but i'm not complaining too much cuz i'd take desert over humidity any day. I do miss all the trees tho.

Now that I'm poor I gotta do what I gotta do lol
Even take a few extra forks and napkins from Bajio on our way out!

Hailey, Me, Courtney, & Kylie went to a gas station to get $.80 cokes!

Me in the BYUI gardens :)
I miss and love you all!!!
*Peace and Blessings*
*Peace and Blessings*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Roomie!!

Monday was Hailey's birthday!!! Woo! The big 19!

We threw her a little party with tons of cupcakes, cake, and brownies!

This is Hailey with her 2 sisters that are going to BYUI too, Kara and Alicia

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm falling in love.... with BYUI!

My frist week here was really awesome! really busy but awesome! I love everybody here, i've met sooo many people and i got a date already on tuesday! woo! lol

Hailey (my roommate) and i went to Porter Park with a blanket and studied while we listened to my Itunes! We needed a little break after like 40 minutes so we hung upside down!

Then we colored in our kitchen. We are in the process of making a "quote" wall! i'm very excited about it!

this is another roommate Kylie. she's skyping her family

my side of the room (with really hott guys right out that window! ;))

i made our first sunday night dinner together! Spaghetti, french bread, and salad! we are gonna rotate sundays on who gets to cook for everybody!

Hailey and I eating my yummy dinner!

Hailey studying at the park

me studying!

It was a great sunday! and of course i went to church today too. i'm in the 85th ward!
*peace and blessings*

Friday, September 3, 2010

Chapter 1: My New Life

I'm blogging from my Aunt and Uncle's house in Mapelton, Utah, a stop on my way to BYU-Idaho! My Dad and I drove up here with all of my belongings in the back of his truck wrapped in a tarp and bungee chord-ed. The last 24 hours were full of Rockstar energy drinks, sunflower seeds, and loud music (and even louder singing lol)

The trip starts in good ole Arkansas

Then through Oklahoma with the cowboy/indian decorated EVERYTHING!

Looong, flat Kansas

Beautiful Colorado, except we couldn't enjoy any of it cuz pitch black the whole time

FINALLY, it was a happy moment to be in Utah! (I love this state)

Utah's sunrise :)

Sunday we will be on our way to Rexburg where I'll be moving into my new apartment with 5 other roomies! I'm very excited to meet all of them!