Monday, December 12, 2011

I want to write...

It has been like 4 months since I have written on here at all. Here is what has been going on!

  • This semester has been great, it has flown by so fast! It is finals week, I only have 2 tests left and I am out of here! My roommates are amazing and we will be all together again next semester. Oh and all A's this semester baby!!! (first time in my life!)
  • We have had the BEST family home evening group this semester! I feel so close to the boys of Somerset 207, they are seriously the best. 2 are going on an adventure to China, 1 is going on a mission, 1 is going home to work, 1 is getting married, and we will still have one here with us! He is actually going to be my brother's new roommate!
  • Christmas break I'm making my way back to Arkansas. To finally see my brother Cody, who got home from his mission in September. I am so excited! I am ready to relax some before having to come back to school for another crazy busy semester.
  • Cody and I are driving back up to the Burg in January in our fancy new car, which is a stick shift that I do not know how to drive! I'm a little scared about that! I am so glad I am going to have my big brother here with me though, it's going to be such a blessing I know it!
  • Next semester I am going to have 18 credits (7 classes! eeK!) and hopefully a job... I didn't get the one that I was supposed to hear back about today so I am on the hunt again. :/ Please someone in Rexburg Hire me!!!!
  • One great thing about this semester flying by is that Joey, my missionary, boyfriend, and best friend only has a little more than 5 months left before he comes home! This is so completely unreal to me!!!! He has been gone for 565 days already! Ah I am so ready for him to be home! But he is where he needs to be and is doing such a good job, I am so proud of him!!!
  • Also this semester I have become addicted to Pinterest! I love it so much. People have asked if I am getting married because of all the wedding ideas I have pinned lol. I'm not getting married yet, but girls gotta be ready ;) and it's probably going to be sooner than later!

I am so blessed, seriously! I have a great family, school, best friends, roommates, and a boy in England who thinks I'm pretty cute ;).

It's really been too long since I've posted.