Saturday, September 3, 2011

3 days until summer is over.

I have had an AMAZING summer back at home!

Full of spending lots of time with my family

a vacation with my girlfriends

working as a good ole' carhop at Sonic

40 days closer to Christ challenge (more like 50 days)

lots of amazing letters from Joey

but it is time to go back to Rexburg now and i am so ready! I'm making the 1700 mile trip in 3 days with 2 other guys going back to BYU-I. I am going to miss Arkansas for real though, especially all of the trees! I am also going to miss my big brother coming home from his mission :( , he gets home from England a week after i leave! We are going to try to use our fancy phones and technology hook up skype to make it like i'm really there at the airport! I'll see ya at Christmas Cody!